Victorville Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul Antill

In the event you are charged with a traffic violation or a crime, Victorville Traffic Violation Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Antill is highly qualified to defend your rights and achieve favorable results. He offers representation for many types of criminal cases as well as for traffic tickets and similar matters.

Our Victorville traffic violation attorney has been practicing for nearly a decade and a half and can help with DMV hearings, traffic infractions and tickets, and criminal charges.

Victorville Attorney Paul Antill is pleased to provide the first consultation at no charge. This complimentary consultation includes a careful analysis of the case.

Our law office has assisted many clients in resolving traffic law matters. Victorville Criminal Defense Lawyer and Traffic Ticket Attorney Paul Antill represents clients in Victorville, San Bernardino County, and across the Southern California area.

Traffic Violation Lawyer for Victorville, California

Past occupations for Attorney Antill include those in the trucking industry. He is well aware of the issues truckers are facing. At our law firm, long and short-haul truckers can find knowledgeable advice and guidance for legal issues that arise after a traffic violation. Mr. Antill is able to successfully address the particular issues that out-of-state truckers are presented with when they receive a traffic ticket in California. Victorville Traffic Ticket Lawyer Antill can often resolve the problems quickly and achieve a positive outcome.

Victorville Traffic Violation Attorney Antill also helps with virtually every type of traffic or driving offense. He provides sound counsel for professional drivers, including limo, courier, taxi, and other types of commercial drivers who have been accused of a traffic violation.

DUI Lawyer

When charges for driving under the influence are filed against an individual, they have only a limited time in which to respond. Victorville Attorney Paul E. Antill is an effective DUI Attorney who helps clients address this type of criminal charge as well as associated legal matters such as DMV hearings.

Reckless Driving Attorney

When someone is charged and convicted of reckless driving, the consequences can be severe. Mr. Antill is an experienced reckless driving lawyer who works to reduce sentences and help clients keep their privilege of driving.

DMV Hearing Attorney

If you need assistance with a DMV administrative hearing, Mr. Antill offers a free initial consultation. DMV Hearing Lawyer Antill provides strong representation and advocates for the rights of those charged with a DUI or similar offense.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Victorville Attorney Antill is able to help clients with the following kinds of traffic matters:

  • Texting While Driving
  • Out-of-State Traffic Violations
  • Distracted Driving
  • Failure to Yield
  • Weight Update
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Log Book Violations
  • Revoked Licenses
  • Unsafe Lane Changes
  • Truck Drivers Speeding
  • Scale Inspections
  • Impeding Traffic Flow
  • Exhibitionist Speeds

Criminal Defense Advice & Representation

With more than 13 years of experience, Mr. Antill provides skilled representation on criminal cases of many types. He is a strong advocate for justice and keeps his focus on identifying the most effective solution for each client.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Various individuals can be charged with domestic violence, including spouses, partners, and parents. Victorville Domestic Violence Attorney Antill provides knowledgeable representation for those facing domestic abuse charges.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

A charge of theft can be classified as an infraction, misdemeanor, or felony. Victorville Theft Crimes Attorney Antill carefully defends each case by examining the facts and offering effective representation.

Assault and Battery Lawyer

When facing an assault and battery charge, having a consultation with Victorville Attorney Antill can help bring about a favorable outcome. Assault and Battery Attorney Antill works to resolve the matter and protect the freedom of clients.

Drug Offenses Attorney

Conviction on a drug charge can produce serious penalties. Drug Offenses Lawyer Antill provides individuals with intelligent representation in many types of drug cases. Diversionary programs are often used to avoid incarceration.

Expungement Attorney

Some past convictions may qualify for removal from an individual’s record. Known as expungement, removing a conviction is contingent on certain factors. To find out whether your case may qualify, call our criminal law firm to arrange a complimentary consultation with Expungement Lawyer Antill.

Consult with Victorville Attorney Antill

Victorville Criminal Defense Attorney Paul E. Antill uses his many years of experience to benefit your case and help resolve your traffic or criminal case favorably.

To make an appointment for a no-fee consultation with Victorville Traffic Ticket Attorney Paul Antill, complete and submit our online form or call us at (888) 529-5255. You can find answers to questions on criminal charges, traffic violations, and related matters.

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