Pasadena Criminal Defense & Traffic Violation Lawyer

If you have been charged with a traffic violation or crime, Pasadena Traffic Violation Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul E. Antill may be able to help. Mr. Antill is an experienced attorney who works to protect client rights and reach positive outcomes.

With a long track record of helping people who are facing traffic tickets or criminal law matters, Pasadena Traffic Violation Lawyer Antill has demonstrated his ability to defend clients. If you have received a traffic ticket or been charged with an infraction, or if you have a DMV hearing or criminal proceedings coming up, Mr. Antill provides reliable representation in each situation.

An appointment for a no-charge initial consultation can be made by calling the office.

The reason that the Law Offices of Paul E. Antill were established was to help people resolve criminal law issues as well as traffic infractions and tickets. Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer Antill is pleased to provide sensible guidance and representation for individuals in Los Angeles County and the entire state of California.

Traffic Violation Attorney for Pasadena, California

Because of his earlier experience working in the trucking industry, Mr. Antill knows what truckers go through in many circumstances. People who work in this field and depend on driving for their living are often unfairly vulnerable to traffic violations and resulting hardships. Pasadena Traffic Ticket Attorney Antill stands up for the rights of long-haul and short-haul truckers, and he defends others who drive for a living as well. Are you facing difficulties due to a California traffic ticket being issued to an out-of-state trucker? If so, our law office may be able to resolve the matter and achieve a positive outcome.

Additionally, Pasadena Traffic Violation Lawyer Antill advocates for clients who are facing other driving infractions and traffic tickets. By consulting with Attorney Antill, many professional drivers such as limo drivers, taxi drivers, commercial or big-rig drivers, and couriers find reasonable guidance on how to handle traffic violations of many kinds.

Traffic Ticket Attorney

Pasadena Traffic Ticket Lawyer Antill provides knowledgeable advice on many different kinds of cases:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Texting While Driving
  • Failing to Yield
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Revoked Licenses
  • Scale Inspections
  • Truck Drivers Speeding
  • Out-of-State Traffic Violations
  • Weight Update
  • Log Book Violations
  • Exhibitionist Speeds
  • Impeding the Flow of Traffic
  • Unsafe Lane Changes

DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with a DUI, there is a limited amount of time in which you can respond to the charge. DUI Lawyer Antill understands how to help people navigate these cases from start to finish. He also is able to represent you in DMV hearings in addition to the criminal case.

DMV Hearing Attorney

When a DMV administrative hearing is coming up, a good DMV hearing lawyer is recommended. Mr. Antill works for a successful outcome by advocating for the client’s rights and providing knowledgeable representation on DUI charges or similar cases.

Criminal Defense Representation

Due to Pasadena Attorney Antill’s 13 years of experience, he has the ability to provide strong representation and defense in criminal cases. Mr. Antill believes in protecting client rights and taking the steps needed to gain justice.

Reckless Driving Attorney

When an individual is suspected of reckless driving, substantial penalties could result. Reckless Driving Lawyer Antill works to reduce the sentence and other kinds of penalties as well as save the client’s driving privileges.

Domestic Violence Attorney

A charge of domestic violence can be leveled against a spouse, partner, or parent. If you have been accused of domestic abuse, Pasadena Domestic Violence Lawyer Paul Antill is ready to protect your rights.

Drug Offenses Lawyer

Being convicted of a drug-related crime can result in some serious penalties and consequences. As a strong drug offenses attorney, Mr. Antill provides individuals with effective advice on their case from start to finish in order to protect their freedom and best interests. For example, a diversionary program can be used to reduce the possibility of time in jail.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

Criminal charges relating to theft will be classified as a felony, misdemeanor, or infraction. For every case, Pasadena Theft Crimes Attorney Antill closely examines the evidence to ensure that a thorough and effective defense is provided.

Expungement Attorney

It is possible to remove a conviction from someone’s record. For expungement to occur, specific requirements must be met. Mr. Antill is an experienced expungement lawyer who can help you find out if your case qualifies for removal.

Assault and Battery Lawyer

If an individual is charged with assault and battery, Mr. Antill is able to take steps towards a positive outcome. His experience and knowledge enables him to work for preserving client rights and freedom.

Consultation with Pasadena Attorney Antill

When a knowledgeable Pasadena criminal defense lawyer and traffic violations attorney is needed, contact Mr. Antill.

For an appointment with Attorney Paul E. Antill, dial (888) 529-5255 to reach the office, or use the evaluation form. You will find out what options are available in your case and receive answers to your questions. Mr. Antill is ready to help you with traffic issues, criminal charges, and related matters.