Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney & Traffic Violation Lawyer

In the event that you are facing criminal charges or having issues related to a traffic violation, the knowledgeable counsel of Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul E. Antill is reliable and can guide you to a favorable outcome. Mr. Antill represents clients in traffic violation and traffic ticket cases as well as in criminal law matters.

Mr. Antill is a Long Beach traffic violation lawyer with over 13 years’ experience. He knows what is needed to gain good results in traffic ticket situations. Attorney Antill can help you with fighting a traffic ticket, navigating a DMV hearing, and handling related criminal charges that may occur.

You may schedule a no-fee initial consultation with Long Beach Attorney Paul Antill by dialing (888) 529-5255. A detailed analysis of your case will be provided.

Criminal Defense Attorney and Traffic Ticket Attorney Antill provides effective representation to clients in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, and the surrounding areas of Southern California. The Law Offices of Paul E. Antill continue helping people resolve traffic-related issues year after year, and we can help you work towards a good outcome in your case too.

Traffic Violation Attorney for Long Beach, CA

Formerly working in trucking, Mr. Antill became deeply aware of the specific issues that face truckers. He is able to provide insightful advice to short and long-haul truck drivers. Although complex problems can arise for out-of-state truckers who receive a California traffic ticket, Long Beach Traffic Ticket Attorney Paul Antill understands how to take care of these matters and create positive outcomes.

As a skilled Long Beach traffic violation attorney, Mr. Antill can assist clients through essentially any type of traffic case. Private motorists as well as professional drivers like taxi drivers, couriers, commercial truck drivers and more find reliable guidance from Attorney Antill that addresses traffic violations effectively.

DUI Attorney

When you or a close family member or friend are charged with driving under the influence (DUI), there is a limit on the amount of time in which the accused can respond. DUI Lawyer Antill helps people successfully navigate DMV hearings, criminal charges, and other issues that come along with DUI charges.

Reckless Driving Lawyer

If an individual is charged and convicted of reckless driving, serious consequences may result. As a skilled reckless driving attorney, Long Beach Lawyer Antill is often able to have sentences reduced, and he works to help clients keep their driving privileges.

DMV Hearing Lawyer

Mr. Antill is a reliable DMV Hearing Attorney who stands up for the rights of those accused of DUI or similar offenses. He helps clients work towards a better outcome.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Long Beach Lawyer Antill assists with these types of traffic offenses:

  • Texting When Driving
  • Exhibitionist Speeds
  • Out-of-State Driver Violations
  • Distracted Driving
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Weight Update
  • Failure to Yield
  • Unsafe Lane Changes
  • Truck Drivers Passing the Posted Maximum Speed
  • Log-Book Violations
  • Scale Inspections
  • Revoked Licenses
  • Impeding the Flow of Traffic

Criminal Defense Counsel & Representation

The extensive experience of Attorney Antill has contributed to his ability to effectively guide clients through criminal charges. He remains an advocate for justice, working to help individuals find positive solutions for their specific case.

Domestic Violence Attorney

An accusation and charge of domestic abuse can be directed toward a male or female partner or parent. Long Beach Domestic Violence Lawyer Paul Antill defends the rights of those accused of this crime.

Theft Crimes Attorney

Theft charges can be filed as misdemeanors, felonies, or infractions. Every type of charge is taken seriously by Long Beach Theft Crimes Lawyer Antill. He makes a careful examination of the facts related to the case so that a strong defense can be prepared for those dealing with the charge of criminal theft.

Assault and Battery Lawyer

Have you received a charge of assault & battery? If so, a consultation with Mr. Antill can be a beneficial first step in properly handling the situation. As a knowledgeable assault and battery attorney, he works to reach a favorable outcome in the case and help the client keep their freedom. The Law Firm of Paul E. Antill believes in client rights and takes the proper steps to see that they are upheld.

Drug Offenses Lawyer

Drug convictions can bring about consequences that affect people’s lives heavily. An experienced drug offenses attorney can make the difference in the outcome of a drug charge case. Mr. Antill defends clients in many types of drug cases. He makes good use of diversionary programs that can protect defendants from incarceration.

Expungement Lawyer

In some situations, it is possible to remove convictions from an individual’s record. Our Long Beach criminal defense attorney and expungement attorney can discuss the details of your case and advise you on whether you qualify for expungement. To schedule an appointment and find out more, call our law firm.

Consult Long Beach Attorney Antill

Mr. Antill is a skilled Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer with more than a decades’ experience helping clients resolve criminal cases and traffic violation matters.

To arrange a free initial consultation with Long Beach Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul E. Antill, use the online form to reach us, or call the office at (888) 529-5255. Attorney Antill will discuss your concerns and help you deal successfully with tickets, criminal charges, and related issues.