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As a skilled Domestic Violence Lawyer, Attorney Paul Antill has extensive experience representing clients in criminal cases involving allegations of domestic abuse. When you have been accused of abusing a spouse, partner, your children or co-habitants, the Law Offices of Southern California Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul E. Antill is here to provide quality legal counsel and representation.

Since 2004, Mr. Antill has successfully defended numerous clients against claims of domestic violence. Southern California Domestic Violence Attorney Paul Antill will work ardently to preserve your rights, protect your best interests, and fight to help you retain your freedom.

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Domestic Violence Lawyer Paul E. Antill

Under California Law, the domestic violence provisions are designed to provide protection for individuals with whom the accused has close familial ties or with whom the accused resides.

A domestic violence conviction has wide-reaching consequences that have the potential to impact cases in Juvenile and Family Law proceedings. Restraining orders are issued to prevent contact with the victim / victims. Additional penalties may include: the mandatory payment of restitution; the issuance of extensive court fines; mandatory counseling; community service; formal / informal probation; and in severe cases, jail or prison time may be ordered.

Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Antill knows how to craft the best defense possible, and will fight zealously to preserve your reputation and protect your constitutional rights.

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