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If you have been arrested for allegedly committing an assault and battery, it is essential that you retain an attorney who will fight vigorously for you to retain your freedom. A skilled criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Paul Antill has been successfully defending clients in criminal matters for more than 13 years throughout Southern California.

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Assault and Battery Attorney Paul E. Antill

Under California Law, assault and battery are two different crimes that may be charged separately or together. While assault is instilling the fear of immediate physical harm in another, battery is the touching of another person without their consent. This may include using your body or any physical object.

Additionally, based on the circumstances, the district attorney may choose to file either misdemeanor or felony charges. Southern California Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul Antill diligently represents clients in all assault & battery cases, including:

  • Simple Assault / Simple Battery
  • Aggravated Assault / Aggravated Battery
  • Domestic Assault / Domestic Battery

Because the penalties increase significantly when charged as a felony, especially if a firearm is said to have been used in the alleged crime, you need a highly skilled and experienced attorney who understands how to handle these matters.

Based upon the charges filed, the penalties after conviction may include mandatory monetary restitution, court fines, jail and even a lengthy prison sentence. If circumstances allow, you may even receive a strike on your criminal record pursuant to Three Strikes. Fighting since 2004 to preserve and protect the rights of those being prosecuted and facing the loss of their freedom, let Mr. Antill put his skill to work for you.

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