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Southern California Expungement Attorney Paul E. Antill has been helping clients clear criminal convictions from their records for more than 13 years. A highly skilled and experienced Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Antill understands the complexities involved in obtaining an expungement, and he knows how to obtain results.

In order to obtain an expungement of a criminal record, certain criteria must be met. Failure to do so will prevent your expungement from being granted. For information about what is required to obtain an expungement, please call Expungement Lawyer Paul Antill at (888) 529-5255 to set up your free, comprehensive consultation.

Mr. Antill will meet with you to review your prior conviction and determine whether you meet the requirements prior to moving forward. Dedicated to providing quality legal counsel and representation, Expungement Attorney Paul Antill ensures that all communications are promptly addressed and that his clients remain informed about their matter.

Expungement Attorney Paul E. Antill – When Experience Counts

In the state of California, prior to an expungement being granted, specific requirements must be met. Failure to do so will result in a denial of your petition. If you are seeking to expunge a felony, it must first be reduced to a misdemeanor by the court. Therefore, expunging felony convictions is a two-step process.

Once an expungement is granted, your prior case is treated as having been dismissed. However, these conditions must first be met:

  • There is no current prosecution underway for new or additional crimes
  • Mandatory terms of probation have been complied with
  • Petitioner must not be on probation when the request is made
  • Petitioner has never served time in prison
  • All fines, fees and restitution are paid in full
  • It’s been a full year since conviction and sentencing

While expungements are not granted for cases involving sex crimes, Southern California Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul Antill may be able to have sex offender registration requirements reversed. Please call for additional information.

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