Beaumont Traffic Ticket & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Some traffic violations and criminal charges have the potential to impact the rest of a person’s life. Beaumont Criminal Defense Attorney, Traffic Violation Lawyer, and Traffic Ticket Attorney Paul E. Antill works to resolve these situations and help clients reach a positive outcome in their case. He guides individuals through traffic-related legal matters and in cases involving criminal charges.

Mr. Antill has many years of experience providing representation for people facing these issues. He is a reliable Beaumont traffic violation lawyer who understands what it takes to resolve traffic tickets and more serious matters. Do you have questions about fighting traffic tickets, handling a DMV hearing, or responding to criminal charges? If so, Beaumont Attorney Antill is ready to provide answers.

The Law Offices of Paul E. Antill offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss your legal concerns with Mr. Antill. Call (888) 529-5255 to make an appointment for a consultation and analysis of your case.

Our law firm serves Beaumont, all of Riverside County, and all of Southern California. As an experienced traffic ticket lawyer and criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Antill knows how to effectively resolve traffic matters and criminal justice cases.

Traffic Violation Attorney for Beaumont, CA

Mr. Antill previously worked in the trucking industry, so he understands the issues that are facing truck drivers. If you are a short-haul trucker, long haul trucker, or an out-of-state driver who was issued a ticket in California, Beaumont Traffic Ticket Attorney Antill knows how to guide you through the challenges that arise and to make sure things are resolved properly so that the potential for long-term consequences are at a minimum.

With his insights as a traffic violation attorney, Mr. Antill can assist clients in practically any kind of traffic case. If you are a courier, taxi driver, commercial truck driver, or drive for a living in another profession, he knows how to protect your driving privileges and livelihood. Non-commercial drivers can also have their driving privileges protected through Attorney Antill’s representation.

DUI Attorney

When a DUI charge is brought against someone, a time limit begins. Defendants have only a limited amount of time to respond to these charges. Whether you have related criminal charges in the case or not, DUI Lawyer Antill can guide you through every issue, including DMV hearings.

Reckless Driving Lawyer

Charges involving reckless driving can bring serious consequences to the defendant. For many years, Beaumont Reckless Driving Attorney Antill has been helping those accused to achieve reduced sentences and keep their driving privileges, and he is ready to help you too.

DMV Hearing Attorney

When a client has been accused of a DUI or has had similar charges filed against them, Mr. Antill works to protect their rights during each stage of the case. He is a skilled DMV hearing lawyer who understands how to handle matters and bring a favorable outcome for the accused.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

As an experienced traffic ticket attorney, Mr. Antill helps individuals and families successfully address many issues related to traffic offenses:

  • Out-of-State Driver Violations
  • Texting When Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Unsafe Lane Changes
  • Exhibitionist Speeds
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Weight Update
  • Failure to Yield
  • Log-Book Violations
  • Truck Drivers Going Over the Maximum Speed
  • Scale Inspections
  • Revoked Licenses
  • Impeding Traffic Flow

Attorney for Criminal Defense

When an individual is charged with a crime, various legal issues can arise. Attorney Antill is zealous in his pursuit of justice for clients in all matters, and he works diligently to defend their rights and help them resolve the specific issues related to their case.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Men and women can be accused of domestic abuse, and this can involve spouses, partners, and parents alike. In all cases, Domestic Violence Attorney Antill believes in protecting client rights. When a charge of domestic violence is brought against someone, he works to preserve justice for them.

Theft Crimes Attorney

If you are accused of a theft crime, it will either be categorized as an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony. Regardless of the type of theft charge you may be facing, Beaumont Theft Crimes Lawyer Paul Antill understands the importance of providing a strong defense. He reviews each case carefully in order to effectively protect your rights.

Assault and Battery Lawyer

It is important to consult a knowledgeable assault & battery attorney when accused of this kind of crime. Lawyer Antill has the skills needed to address the situation effectively. He works to preserve clients’ freedom and reach favorable results in their case.

Drug Offenses Lawyer

Convictions related to a drug charge have the potential for a disproportionate impact on the life of the accused and their family. These charges can have devastating effects. Mr. Antill understands this and uses his experience as a drug offenses attorney to defend clients in many kinds of drug cases. He can use a diversionary program to help individuals avoid prison and maintain their freedom.

Expungement Lawyer

Many kinds of convictions can potentially be removed from the accused’s permanent record. When someone’s record is cleared, this is an expungement. There are specific requirements, so contact Beaumont Traffic Violation Attorney and Expungement Attorney Antill to discuss whether your case meets the qualifications.

Consultations with Beaumont Criminal Defense Attorney Antill

With more than a decade of experience, Beaumont Criminal Defense Lawyer Antill is someone you can count on when a traffic violation or criminal charge is looming in your life.

To schedule a no-fee initial consultation with Beaumont Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul E. Antill, email him or dial (888) 529-5255. During your appointment, you can ask questions, discuss your concerns, and receive a detailed case analysis regarding how to resolve your traffic ticket, criminal charge, or similar matter.