Barstow Traffic Violation and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested for a crime? Do you need help with a ticket? Barstow Traffic Violation Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Antill helps clients resolve a wide range of traffic offenses and criminal matters.

As a knowledgeable Barstow Traffic Violation Attorney and Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Antill is experienced at obtaining positive results in fighting a ticket for any kind of traffic violation, providing representation at DMV Hearings, and defending clients facing criminal charges.

Contact the Law Offices of Paul E. Antill to schedule a free consultation. During this initial, in-depth meeting, Mr. Antill can review the situation and offer an upfront legal analysis. Call (888) 529-5255 to arrange an appointment.

From our convenient Southern California offices, Traffic Ticket Lawyer and Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul Antill serves clients living in Barstow and throughout San Bernardino County. He also serves clients who live outside California who have been cited for all types of traffic violations.

Traffic Violation Attorney serving Barstow, California

With hands-on experience gained from working in trucking, Barstow Traffic Ticket Attorney Paul Antill understands the kinds of legal issues that arise for long haul and short haul drivers. He also understands the penalties facing drivers from out of state who receive traffic citations in California. He knows the best way to approach these matters to obtain positive results for clients.

Representing all motorists, Commercial Truck Drivers, Big Rig Truckers, Rideshare Drivers, and others who drive for a living, Traffic Violation Lawyer. Antill handles many types of traffic-related cases, including the following.

  • Reckless Driving Attorney - Charges for misdemeanor reckless driving include harsh penalties. Reckless Driving Lawyer Paul Antill works diligently to help clients reduce the sentence and keep their driving privileges.
  • DMV Hearings Attorney - As experienced DMV Hearings Lawyers, we represent clients at DMV Administrative Hearings who have been charged with DUI or other offenses. We can advocate for your best interests and present your situation in such a way as to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • DUI Lawyer - After a driving under the influence charge, you will have a short amount of time to respond to the court. DUI Attorney Antill will represent you in the criminal case as well as at the DMV Hearing.
  • Traffic Ticket Attorney - Mr. Antill handles a wide range of traffic citations, including:
    • Distracted Driving
    • Driving while Texting
    • Exceeding Maximum Truck Speeds
    • Exhibitionist Speeds
    • Failure to Yield
    • Impeding the Flow of Traffic
    • Log Book Violations
    • Out-of-state Drivers
    • Revoked Licenses
    • Scale Inspections
    • Suspended Licenses
    • Unsafe Lane Changes
    • Weight Update

Criminal Defense Representation

With over a decade of experience fighting for the rights of clients facing criminal charges, Mr. Antill represents clients in a wide range of matters. He works vigorously to help clients obtain the best possible outcome based on their situation.

Assault and Battery Attorney

If you are suspected of physically harming someone, you will need an experienced Assault and Battery Lawyer to fight for your rights. Mr. Antill understands how to bring these cases, and he will advocate zealously to keep you out of jail.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

These charges involve abuse of a partner or children. Barstow Domestic Violence Attorney Antill has successfully represented numerous clients in domestic violence cases, and he will fight to protect your interests.

Drug Crime Attorney

Charges for drug crimes are treated harshly, and the penalties assessed vary greatly. Drug Crime Lawyer Paul Antill represents clients in many types of drug cases, and he helps clients obtain access to diversionary programs which help keep clients out of jail.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

Theft cases are charged as a felony, misdemeanor, or infraction, depending upon the circumstances. Barstow Criminal Defense Attorney and Theft Crimes Attorney Antill carefully reviews the facts and offers an aggressive representation.

Expungement Attorney

Certain crimes may be removed from the criminal record of qualified individual. Expungement Lawyer Paul Antill has extensive experience getting criminal charges removed from his client’s records.

Contact our Experienced Barstow Attorney for a Free Consultation

With over 13 years of experience, Barstow Criminal Defense Lawyer and Traffic Ticket Attorney Paul Antill provides skilled representation for clients in a range of traffic offenses and criminal matters.

Call (888) 529-5255 for a free consultation, or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Barstow Traffic Ticket Lawyer Paul Antill will discuss your situation and work with you to develop a legal approach designed to get the best possible results.